Sunday, December 28, 2003
cosplay is here! is cosplay..and i am not really thrill bout was going as plan when hakumaru came to da house..we then head off to yuki's house,the minute we reach there..i dunno what to do so me and him sat just across the house not knowing her parents are watching us..then we saw yuki..she was all prepared and all..then her parents was like told her not to go and then she shouted "forget it!" i was like..ok..her mom gave me and hakumaru the stare and me and him were like...frozen?then we walk off..i was dissapointed and pick up the ten cent in my pocket and throw it..i sms her sorry and then i called her when i reach home when my mom was shock to see me and hakumaru alone..i called her then..teh minute she picked up..i was like"sorry!" she said its ok and all..with that cheerful voice as usual i suppose..from there on i feel bad..i even cry while smiling on the phone talking to her..(i'm stupid to cry) well she didnt notice i went on talking ^^;;;;;; then i promise i buy her something..well bro and i were on our way to sungei wang andwhen we reach there..the place isnt completely open yet and i was like..this is we walk around a little and find ourselves not able to go ahead..we then sat at some coffee shop to wait for the place to liven the place liven up..we decided to walk around again..well i heard everyone has been talking bout the moonchild cd and was thinking of buying it for when i went there..the guy said it was sold out and they just ordered new stock for we walk down to the ground floor and watch cosplay..may hon came in to the picture and i save her a space (been fighting for it since i look like some Gangster with the clothes and hair) after cosplay..the four of us walk around aimlessly until may hon go to the anime shop to ask for moonchild..and i was like...*sweat* she was like screaming to me that some guy has boguht the last cd ^^;;; so i replied "ouh" and she said that got anothe suncomic just on floor above..and i said to her..these two are the same..they have the same stock..just that the one above is like much more wider i guess and more space to breathe..well..she didnt really listen i guess and we all followed her up and found out they have no moonchild.after that the four of us walk around and bump into may hon's mom and sis..then there she goes off to times square saying"i dont trust malaysia roller coaster!" ^^;;;; the three of us walk to teppanyaki and eat chiken rice there and then i help hakumaru get his first contacts..he got his eyes checked and the lady tried teaching him how to put on the contacts..but then she was like a bit tired of teaching we bought the contacts and the lady ask us.."you malay?" hakumaru was like "yes" then the lady ask me "so that means you are malay too right?" i answer in malay "ye kak!kenapa?tak caya ke?" i was laughing my head off when she was giving me The look.well after we get the contacts we were on our way back home..ouh and not to mention the pillow we boguht for rociel which was too weird for us to carry it around ^^;;;;;

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Saturday, December 27, 2003
first entry?

well first  of all i would like to say sorry to sayoko for waiting such a long time to see what i am gonna post ^^;; nothign much has happen except that i am gonna watch ppl cosplay..for the past one week i have been helping rociel with her costume that i didnt have enoguh time to complete mine ^^;; so i hope that she will get first in cosplay..well yesterday we plan to see the tailor,and well..the costume is not that satisfying to pants is like too big and i tihnk she followed the wrong picture..same goes with the rest..they were all screwed up..but kenny's costume was the coolest..een thoguh its not really followed in the picture ^^;;;;;;;; er...well i nothing to talk much i will be at cosplay tomorrow..^^;;

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The name is Tokiya~i'm just an average teenager living in a normal life..NOT!! life's been like a roller coaster~HAHAHAHAH!! hobbies..playing games..watching tv..hanging around with friends..though i have little friends now to hang out with~~hehe~~ right now i am studying in sunway college and having lotsa fun..i get to do things i never actually did before in my high school i am treating it like a come back from the dead of my so called anti social life~ well as the rest of cvan just read it out on my blog..analyze my way of typing and actually come to a conclusion as to what kind of person am i...hehe..treat it like a game to find out who am i and what am i~~thats all for now...ciowz~

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